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Top 9 Renovation Tips

Beginning a renovation? Consider these top 9 reno tips:

1. CHANGES ARE GOING TO HAPPEN: You may be renovating your main floor and decide to change the design of the laundry room cabinetry three times during design phase.  Just know that is completely normal.  What is important during those changes is that your contractor records these changes so that expenses are tracked, and the correct design is executed. 

2. HIRE AN EXPERIENCED, RELIABLE COMPANY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR RENO: Trust us, you will save time and money if you hire a professional company with all the resources to manage your renovation.  They have the eyes to see how to handle any unexpected situations. They also have pre-existing relationships with trusted, reliable trades with proven track records so you can be reassured trusting them with your hard-earned money.

3. EXPECT SURPRISES: There will be surprises, It’s inevitable. There are many variables that can affect a finely tuned renovation timetable so it’s wise to assume something may go wrong. How those surprises are dealt with and acted on is what makes you sleep better at night. Having a contingency fund tucked away and extra time added to your timeline will ensure you don’t have to skimp on quality or cut corners.

4. DON’T FORGET YOUR CEILING PLAN: Everyone is always concerned with changing the floor plan, but don't forget to consider how those changes affect your ceilings! Sometimes a small change to the floor plan can lead to scraping, skimming and retexturing your entire ceiling foot print. Redoing the ceiling is a large cost people don’t consider but can be a great opportunity to add in that coffered ceiling or ceiling feature you've been dreaming of.

5. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR STAIRS: Have you thought about changing the stairs in your house? Stairwells often get overlooked in a reno. Switching the direction of a staircase or moving the location of the stairwell altogether can make a world of difference in a floor plan. Ask us about altering the stairs in your home and what options you have.

6. FOLLOW BUILDING CODES: Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the rules and regulations of local building codes. Simple things like lumber spans and the clearance in front of a toilet can alter your original vision for a reno. If you don't comply with building codes, you may be on the hook for fines and an expensive tear-out and redo of your project. It’s important to work with a contractor who knows how to balance building codes with design.

7. GET THE PERMITS:  Do you know if you need a permit for your reno? As the homeowner, you are legally responsible for obtaining any building permits required. However, a renovation company can look after this on your behalf.  We can take care of all the background processes that you don’t have time for!

8. RENOVATIONS CAN BE PRACTICAL: Renovating isn’t always about the pretty design changes. Whether it’s upgrading a water heater, or adding in insulation to your attic, it’s all part of renovating. Think of the problem areas in your home and how you can solve them – even the ones you can’t see.

9. AFTER THE RENO:  Your renovator's commitment to you doesn't end when the work is completed. Your renovator should provide you with the manufacturer's documents that outline warranties and explain the procedures you need to follow in case of problems. Make sure that any deficiencies are reported to the contractor prior to the warranty expiring. Most often, problems are of a minor nature – a nail pop or small cracks in drywall around door frames.

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